FOTE record and monitor the health of the many thousands of elm trees throughout Australia, and disseminate information to the public about the many threats to elms.

We also raise funds to support research into ways to combat insect attack, Elm Leaf Beetle, and prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease if it arrives in Australia.

Members receive a quarterly Newsletter, ELM WATCH with the latest information and can also distribute our booklet to concerned friends and colleagues. We would be delighted to receive your help.
You can help in many different ways.

Firstly, join FOTE so that you receive the quarterly Newsletter, ELM WATCH, and are kept informed of the latest developments. Your membership fee, and any donation you may feel you can afford, will be used in the fight to raise awareness and support research into the threats facing our elm trees.

FOTE is a not-for-profit organisation, composed of volunteers. All financial contributions are used in fostering the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Be on the alert for signs of elm defoliation or wilting, and report this to your local council. If your local Council does not have a policy in place to check and care for their elms, pester them relentlessly until they do. It is important that everybody joins the fight to maintain the health of our trees.

Watch over your favourite elm tree, whether it is in your garden, street or local park, and help us to ensure that the location of EACH of the many thousands of elm trees in Australia is registered.